Soft Skills For Education

Soft Skills For Education Professionals
Soft Skills for Higher Education Staff

Employee Training & Development

Deliver required training and professional development programs to employees at all levels on campus. Improve skills of operational employees, assist instructional staff in maintaining credentials with continuing education credits, and prepare high-potential employees for leadership and administrative roles.

Modern and effective solutions for recruiting and improving your institution's ability to retain and develop staff and faculty

With increasing competitiveness among educational institutions, campus leaders and human resources departments need to strategically face hiring shortages and talent management challenges. With a predicted turnover rate of at least 50% among senior higher education administrators within the next five to ten years, a focus on attracting and retaining talent is critically important - particularly with key decision makers and administrators in higher education approaching retirement.

Our Soft Skills Training Solution for Higher Education Professionals delivers the right unified talent training & development solution to address these complex challenges head-on. Develop and engage campus employees at all levels—administrators, faculty, and staff.

With Soft Skills eLearning for Higher Education you can:

  • Provide growth opportunities within or across the institution for top talent and high potentials
  • Develop and retain best-in-breed faculty and staff in a competitive marketplace
  • Ensure centralized training is delivered and tracked to maintain compliance