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Soft Skills Training Materials


Soft Skills Training Materials

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Fully Customisable and editable Soft Skills & HR training materials
supplied by download

Add your name and company logo and make it your own.

Please click here to download a sample from one of the courses. The sample includes less than half the materials that you get in each course package, but it’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.


Training Materials Package Includes –


1                   Soft Skills Training Videos (Bonus).

2                   Bullying and Sexual Harassment – HR course

3                   Business and Finance Introduction training course – HR course / Softskills

4                   Career Guidance Pack – HR course

5                   Coaching and Leadership – HR course/Softskills

6                   Communication Skills – Softskills

7                   Customer Services – HR course

8                   Dealing With Difficult People – HR course

9                   Delegation Skills – HR course / Soft skills

10                 Diversity – Soft skills course

11                 Emotional Intelligence – Soft skills course

12                 Employee Appraisals – HR course

13                 Employee Disciplinary – HR course

14                 Fire Safety Procedures – Health and Safety

15                 Influencing and Communication – Soft skills

16                 Interviewing Skills – HR course

17                 Leadership & Motivation Skills – Soft skills

18                 Life Coaching training course – Soft skills

19                 Manual Handling – Health and Safety

20                 Mentoring and Motivation – Soft skills

21                 Motivation – Soft skills

22                 NEBOSH Safety Training and Information training pack – Health and Safety

23                 Negotiation Skills – HR course / Soft skills

24                 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training and study course – Soft skills

25                 Office Safety and Office Safety Policy training course – Health and Safety

26                 Presentation Skills training course – HR course / Soft skills

27                 Problem Solving – Soft skills

28                 Project Management – Soft skills

29                 Report Writing – Softskills / HR course

30                 Risk Assessment – Health and Safety

31                 Sales Skills training course – HR course

32                 Sickness Absence training course – HR course

33                 Stress Management training course – Health and Safety

34                 Telephone Skills and Telesales – HR course

35                 Time Management – Soft skills

36                 Train the Trainer

37                 Team Development & Teambuilding – Soft skills

38                 Taking Minutes – HR course

39                 Asbestos Handling and Awareness training course – Health and Safety

40                Occupational Health and Safety

41                 Anger Management

42                Critical Thinking Skills

43                The Psychology of Personality (videos)

44                Managing Employee Poor Performance (videos)

45                How To be More Effective, Organised & Productive

46                How To Handle Complaints & Service Recovery

47                Secrets to Exceptional Customer Service



What You Actually Receive –


  • Each Soft skills course folder contains the necessary files for planning, presenting, running and managing a training course for the particular subject.
  • PowerPoint presentations are usually included with all our Softskills courses, as they are usually highly visual in their instructor presentation.
  • PowerPoint Pack & Go presentation wizard is included with each presentation, in case you are on the move with a tablet PC and do not have access to full blown Microsoft applications.
  • Exercise and sample files are included as appropriate to the particular course.
  • Manuals (delegate manual and/or instructor manual) are fully editable and customizable. Can be opened in Word and you can make any changes you like.
  • Exercise Files  – Fully editable and Customizable. We provide the sample files to use with the Exercises and methodology in the manual, as appropriate to the course.
  • Lesson Plans, course structure and methodology are all contained in the training manuals/workbooks and guides. Delegates/trainees get to take material away with them for reflection, reference and revision after the course.


More information –

  • Customizable – Rights are given on a per site location to edit the content to suit the training needs or corporate environment.
  • Delivery– The Soft skills courseware is delivered to you via download.
  • Easy to use – All courses and materials are easily opened in Microsoft Word or any word processing program.
  • Print-on-demand Instructors only print what they need, when they need it.
  • Flexible – Instructors can easily remove sections, combine courses, ‘localize’ examples, add new content, etc.
  • Unlimited number of users Rights are sold on a per location basis. Each location is permitted to use the material with as many staff at the location as they like (including future training).
  • No annual renewal fees – Organizations are not required to pay renewal fees.
  • Unlimited re-printing rights Ongoing use means organizations are not limited to the number of times they can reprint the course material.
  • Create eLearning modules & Upload to your own LMS


Our courses are used every day by thousands of trainers & organizations in countries all over the world.


NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing one or few selected topics only please contact us and we’ll send you the relevant link(s). However, please note that when you purchase in bulk you save more obviously.



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