Who We Are:

At eSoft Skills we produce creative and effective training & development solutions for our clients.

Our practical solutions drive revenue growth, customer loyalty and bottom line profits for industry leading organizations. Real-world experience combined with dynamic cutting edge training and consulting technology is the key to our success.

Through hundreds of assignments, we’ve worked with leaders, innovators and top talent in business. We are constantly exposed to new ideas and leading-edge technology and bring that dynamic perspective to each of our clients. Our proactive approach, realistic solutions and strong customer relationships make eSoft Skills a valued partner, resource and advisor.

eSoft Skills is an elearning company that helps anyone learn the soft skills that are essential to achieve personal and professional goals. Individuals & corporations can have access to the eSoft Skills library of engaging, top-quality courses developed by subject matter experts. Our courses include video tutorials, training manuals, activity worksheets, Q&A reviews and animated case studies.

For organizations, we provide a complete Learning Management System (LMS) preloaded with high quality soft skills e-learning programs. 

Our eLearning solution is not only extremely cost effective; it also has helped our current clients increase their employees’ productivity, decrease turnover and boost their return on investment in the first year of implementation.

Our Mission:

eSoft Skills thrives in helping organizations improve performance in service delivery, sales, management and leadership. Our training and consulting focuses on improving strategic business processes that will produce bottom-line ROI results. Combining experience and unwavering commitment we help you:

  • Deliver world class service
  • Increase sales performance
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Motivate managers
  • Instil confidence in leaders

Our Philosophy & Methodology:

We guarantee the results of our training programs. Our philosophy is that we must care more about the success of your business than you do if we are to be a valued partner. Our mission is your success. That passion for excellence sets us apart from all others. Our services include innovative solutions that result in:

  • The integration of repeatable and sustainable business practices and processes
  • Meeting your objectives and achieving your results
  • Experiential design that impacts a behavioral change by participants to integrate their new knowledge immediately upon return to their job
  • Performance improvement that has impact and is measurable

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