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Who We Are:

eSoft Skills is an e-learning company that helps anyone learn the soft skills that are essential to achieve personal and professional goals. 
Individuals & corporations can have access to the eSoft Skills library of engaging, top-quality courses developed by subject matter experts. 
For organisations, we provide a complete Learning Management System (LMS) preloaded with high quality soft skills e-learning programs. 
Our eLearning solution is not only extremely cost effective; it also has helped our current clients increase their employees’ productivity, decrease turnover and boost their return on investment in the first year of implementation.
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Online courses

Covering over 100 skills including people management, leadership, HR, soft skills and more

Employee Training

Get an all in one solution (i.e. platform and content) to meet your workforce training needs

Trainer's Solution

We provide trainers, coaches & consultants with training materials, e-learning content and branded portals.

Customer Review

BANICA BOULAR   Compliance Manager Community Blood Center of The Carolinas - USA

“eSoftSkills has been a missing piece for CBCC.  We have struggled in the past with providing continuing education courses for our staff.  eSoftSkills gave us the ability to allow our employees to take classes online and at their own pace.  We have really enjoyed working with them.  They have been very supportive and answering all questions in a timely manner”.

Aminur rahman

AMINUR RAHMAN | General Manager OGM Technical Institute - INDIA

"eSoftSkills is awesome and must say one of the best services that I have encountered in all my years of working both in the public as well as the private sector. Thanks a million!"


Jeanie Allen | CEO Horizon Health Career Training Center - USA

"We have absolutely loved the soft skills online courses. Our school offers training for health related careers. We show the soft skills videos to each class at the end of their program and the response has been overwhelming.The students have found the information very helpful and are very complimentary of the quality of the videos."

KEVIN O'SULLIVAN | CEO Star Knowledge Technology Alliance LLC - USA

"An exceptional soft skills library of video content and structure that aligns totally with the challenges and demands of corporate adult learning requirements for knowledge-centric employees.I recently conducted my initial soft skills learning session with 36 offshore employees and the reviews were all 5 stars!"

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